Brand development philosophy

At VAST we believe in the deep interconnectivity of questions, problems, solutions and methods. Driven by curiosity we explore the vastness of any challenge or wicked problem we are faced with constructing clear frameworks, overviews, insights, vistas and visions as we go. We believe that creativity, design, marketing and communication are integral part of strategic brand development. We create brands that are both believable and lovable by asking the following questions:

#1 Who are you?

Look at a brand as a person. Not only do your remember a person by its appearance, someone’s character, stories and ideas are just as important. We create a complete contextual overview of a person which is a dynamic concept as new bits of information are added to this overview everyday. This is what we call a living associative identity. When this concept is applied to your brand, ask yourself who you are and what you want people to think when they see you.

#2 What do you have to offer?

What is it that you have to offer? What promises do you dare to make as a brand? Are you able to live up to that promise? In order to unleash the full potential of your brand we need to define your proposals and for who they are directed to, this is what we call your brand promise. To start growing your brand, your brand’s promise should hit the sweet spot between the promise, your brand’s associative identity and the market’s demand.

#3 What makes you different?

We love the distinct and the unique. We tend to be a little different ourselves too and we are not ashamed of it. We expect the same from our clients. Show your quirks and embrace them! This is what will set you apart from the crowd. In a world where every brand shouts for your attention we believe that true distinctive messages and appearances will draw genuine attention. Not because you asked for it but because you deserved it. We help you find your unique characteristics and stories.

Fundaments for good design

We believe in a symbiotic approach in every project we get involved in. To obtain the best results possible we ask you to be considerate when asking us to work with you. Like in every good relationship we expect certain amounts of freedom and responsibilities from both ourselves and you as well. We have the following requests:

As generalists we function as directors of information and as the first bullshit-barrier when considering the information you want to share with your audiences.

As outsiders we are driven to quickly and fully understand the vastness of the project we are involved in and will impossibly fall for the ease of routine.

Friends tell the truth. We believe that honesty, even when we don’t like it, leads to the strongest and most meaningful insights. Tell us your story and we’ll share you some good ones as well.

As creative thinkers we develop comprehensible visions, concepts and strategies for change. We use creativity to develop ideas that are different. Get creative with us.

We are visually minded and will always transform concepts and ideas to images and objects that are both visually striking and functional as carriers of information.

#5 Let us be designers
#1 Let us be outsiders
#2 Let us be generalist
#3 Let us be social
#4 Let us be creative
#6 Let us be there along the way

Just like a person a brand keeps on developing over time. Let us be the ones that to tell you when your story gets old or starts making less sense. We will be the sharpening stone where your can sharpen your ideas over and over again.

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